Islamic Phonics Readers Series

Revolutionizing The Way Muslim children learn to read

are you looking for an islamic, diverse, and engaging Reading series for your young learner? Alhumdulilah, We've got that covered!

With the help of Allah (SWT), we are creating a high quality reading curriculum that teaches the fundamentals of reading, while instilling a strong sense of Muslim identity and love for Islam in Muslim children.


Rave Reviews

B. Benoit

My children LOVE this book! We have been homeschooling for over a decade and we've gone through several early readers that we enjoyed, but this book is very special. Adam to Zamzam is not only adorable, but the content reflects the people, cultures and world my American Muslim children KNOW. They see themselves and their friends and family in this book - which is obviously a wonderful thing for a child to experience in one of their very first books. Masha Allah, thank you so much to Noon Publications for undertaking this work. We are sooo looking forward to the next book!

Janice Marie King

This Islamic children's book of the alphabets is phenomenal! It's actually my grandson favorite book to pick for me to read with him. The colors and pictures fascinate him. It not only teaches the alphabets, but it goes further to name things according to the letters they are learning with a variety of Islamic names and practices that we do on a daily basis.


Adam to Zamzam is a wonderful Islamic phonics reader, geared towards Muslim children and their families. Jamila and Karemah use Islamic vocabulary throughout the book, which allows the book to double as an instructional phonics manual and a supplemental text for early Islamic studies. The graphic illustrations are wonderful mashaaAllah, and depict the Muslim ummah in all of its rich diversity. I would strongly recommend this book for Muslim parents and homeschoolers.


Reading To Babies and Toddlers


Children are never too young to reap the benefits of being read to. Daily reading exposes your little one to sounds and words, while planting the seed for a lifelong love of reading.

Getting in The Ramadan Spirit


Every year children, as well as adults, excitedly look forward to the holy month of Ramadan. We anticipate enhancing our spirituality, an increase in community activities and an overall feeling of happiness and good spirits.

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