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Islamic Phonics Readers Series Levels 3-9

So far we have published Adam to Zamzam and Yak in the Back, levels 1 and 2 of the Islamic Phonics Readers Series. We have also written, completed the layout and designed the covers for levels 3-9. We are going to launch another fundraiser in order to cover the cost of printing, marketing and distribution of the readers that have not been published yet. We hope to have the funds needed to move forward no later than January 2020, inshallah. 

We are happy to share what we have been able to accomplish so far. Below are the covers and descriptions of the 7 readers that are ready and waiting to be published. 

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Level 3: Fun in the sun

Fun in the Sun is a continuation of our level 2 reader: Yak in the Back. In this reader students will review the short vowel sounds a, e, i, o and u. They will also continue learning how to sound out and blend (combine) sounds to form words. The stories in this volume are a bit more complex and take your young learner(s) to another level in reading.

Level 4: Rasheed's Deeds

Rasheed's Deeds introduces children to the long vowel sounds and new sight words. The stories are longer and a little more challenging, but just right for an early reader. The questions at the end of each story provide a wonderful opportunity to discuss topics like salat, charity and the importance of doing good deeds.

As with all our readers, Rasheed's Deeds not only provides Islamic themed stories that will help kids become successful readers, it is also filled with beautiful illustrations and diverse characters that teach ethics. This is very important in developing a positive self-image and becoming familiar with Islamic morals and principles.

Level 5: pink giraffes make me laugh

Pink Giraffes Make me Laugh moves young readers into the next step on their journey to reading proficiency. They will practice decoding words with digraphs, diphthongs and blends, while reviewing long and short vowel words. Some blends have been introduced in previous readers so your young learner may already be familiar with them.

The main themes of this book are imagination, family, animals and creativity. The stories are humorous and engaging. A little girl with a vivid imagination has a fun day in her backyard as she drinks juice with a moose and pink giraffes, another young girl shows kindness to a couple of neighborhood cats and two horses make friends with a stag and then they go play basketball together! Those are just a few of many imaginative stories you'll find in our level 5 reader.

Level 6: a letter from michigan

A Letter From Michigan is a continuation of our level 5 reader. It introduces more digraphs, diphthongs and blends. The stories in this book are mainly about entrepreneurship, fun field trips, helping others, and problem solving.

Level 7: The gentle giant and other fine tales

The Gentle Giant and Other Fine Tales is our first reader that does not include phonics practice before each story. Your child has learned short vowels, long vowels, digraphs, diphthongs, blends, and many site words. With a little help and practice he/she should be able to read through this book without much trouble.

This reader is full of exciting and fun stories! You'll meet a gentle giant who relies on Allah to get out of a precarious situation, a picky eater who, with the help of his mother, changes his choosy ways, a grandma with a green thumb, and many more interesting characters. This book is actually one of my favorite! I can't wait to share it with you. I just know you're going to like it too, inshallah.

level 8: Family & fun times

Family & Fun Times provides young readers with lots more practice reading stories that include all of the phonics sounds. As with all of our phonics based books, this volume is jam-packed with fun and engaging stories designed to teach children reading proficiency.

Children will enjoy reading about fun family adventures, a cool pet that can recite Quran, an unhappy stork who learns a lesson about gratitude, and many other delightful tales.

level 9: prophets & past times

Our final book in the series entitled Prophets and Past Times is geared towards children ages 9 and up. The vocabulary in this reader will introduce students to many words that they may not be familiar with.

Children will learn about Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S) and other prophets, as well as prestigious women in Islam. They will also learn how they can be upstanding members of their community, helping and being kind to others.